BoxFIT Bootcamp

BoxFIT Bootcamp is BoxFIT with the intensity dialed up. Bootcamps are no walk in the park and require mental, as well as physical strength, in order to thrive. The goal of the BoxFIT Bootcamp is to provide clients with an intensive boxing/exercise regimen that takes them to their physical and mental limits in order to build not just strength and endurance, but character, will and determination, traits that serve anyone well in sport and in their professional and personal lives.

BoxFIT Bootcamp will teach you what it means to push yourself, with the end result being newfound strength you never knew you had. You will see and feel the results of the work that you put in. BoxFIT Bootcamp is designed to get clients in fighting shape. That means a strong core, amazing cardio, fast-twitch muscle development, agility, flexibility, upper and lower body strength and a clear and focused mind.

BoxFIT Bootcamp does not, however, mean that you will be expected to participate in anything that you can’t physically handle. Part of working towards a fitness goal means learning to listen to your body and work around, and hopefully through, its limitations. Bootcamp means training hard and to the best of your abilities, but you will not be excluded or judged if you require a break when needed.

Contact Andrew today to discuss bootcamp options and how an intensive exercise regimen designed by a boxing professional can help get you on your way to your fitness and physique goals.