BoxFIT is a sixty minute, intensive boxing-exercise session which focuses on fundamental and authentic boxing training techniques, including pad work, skipping, drills and interval training to reach your fitness goals. The class incorporates core conditioning, boxing fitness and weight training components into the foundation of each training session, all designed to improve your reflexes, reduce body fat, shape and define your muscles and impart valuable self-defence training while having fun.

Workouts include:

● Warm up period followed by stretching to ensure that your muscles are ready to be worked
● Skipping and interval training to improve timing and endurance
● Shadow boxing to perfect the fundamentals of boxing
● Combination/interval training on the punch mitts to work on more complicated techniques
● Boxing and conditioning exercises
● Punch, defence and footwork technique
● Cool down exercises to relax your body and reduce muscle fatigue

BoxFIT combines boxing skills and a diverse range of anaerobic exercises to burn fat and provide clients with a professionally designed exercise regimen that trains their body, builds confidence and develops mental strength. You don’t need to aspire to be a professional boxer to get the most out of BoxFIT, but that doesn’t mean you can’t train your body to look and feel like one.

If you are interested in a dynamic, intensive workout that combines traditional strength and cardio training with professional, technical boxing exercises from a seasoned professional boxer, Contact Andrew today for more information about BoxFIT and how it can help you work towards your personal fitness goals.