Group Training

Group training offers a fun and challenging way to both workout and interact with like-minded individuals in a safe, positive and driven environment while working towards your health and fitness goals. group training is great because it provides a support network and encouragement for people where group members can build each other up and encourage one another while in pursuit of their fitness goals.

Group training combines the same dynamic and comprehensive approach taken in one-on-one training, and tailors it for groups of similar fitness and strength levels, striving to ensure that everyone progresses from stage to stage based on their own abilities and fitness experience.

Group training is a great way to stay motivated because of the element of fun competition that it introduces into the workout. You get to see how others are progressing and the shared experience of being able to reflect on your fitness evolution has made group training one of the more popular ways to experience Andrew’s fitness and exercise programs.

Group training provides you with the same wealth of professional knowledge and experience as you would get in other classes, but introduces an interpersonal element into the training which makes the experience social while still allowing you to focus on personal growth.

If you are new to the area, to exercise, or are simply interested in a fun, friendly and supportive way to work towards your personal fitness goals, contact Andrew today and discuss how a group training session can help you achieve physical excellence surrounded by like-minded people.