When you enter into a boxing session with Andrew, you can be sure that you are getting only the best professional knowledge on the market, backed up by years of experience and success. A long career in boxing requires an ability to perfect all of the techniques in the boxer’s toolkit and that is exactly what learning to box with Andrew will provide you with.

No matter what your fitness, or athletic goals are, learning boxing techniques from a seasoned professional boxer will provide you with a fitness and technical leg-up that only professional instruction is able to do. You will work hard, burn calories, develop foot, leg and handwork, defence skills and superior timing and hand-eye coordination.

Boxing is one of the most well rounded workouts possible, with a wide range of athletes who are not boxers incorporating many of the fundamentals of boxing training into their exercise regimen. Boxing training includes resistance work with weights and callisthenic exercise to build body strength and speed in the upper arms, core, chest, hips, and calves.

Boxing work is not focused on building bulk, as it would be, say, for a power lifter, but it will develop and sculpt muscle and burn fat. Whether you are interested in learning the fundamentals of boxing in order to develop yourself as a fighter and athlete, are looking for a comprehensive and well-rounded cardio and weight training workout, or both, boxing with Andrew is fun and designed with everybody in mind.

Contact Andrew today to discuss a tailor-made, one-on-one boxing workshop, or to join a group class.