Kettlebell Boxing

Kettlebell boxing uses highly dynamic kettlebell weights to create a comprehensive cardio, strength and resistance training workout. Kettlebell training has been a staple of boxing training for years because of the way that kettlebell lifts build power generation through ballistic movement. Boxing, and the art of throwing punches, is pure ballistic movement wherein you launch your fists, you don’t push.

Kettlebell boxing combines multifaceted weight training with highly technical boxing movements to build power in your hip flexors (one the primary sources of your punching power) through pulling exercises such as swing, high pull and clean snatch movements and rotational movements which provide a more dynamic range of motion.

It is also designed to work on many of the specific strength, speed and muscular contraction capabilities required in boxing, such as the starting strength of your arms and shoulders and your accelerating and stretch shortening strength in your lower body. Kettlebell boxing helps build timing, grip strength and punching power through rapid and dynamic weight movements that you won’t get from simple dumbbell exercises.

Kettlebell boxing is designed for all experience and fitness levels, with a wide range of weights to start from and progress to while developing your fitness goals.

Contact Andrew today and discuss how kettlebell boxing can help develop not only your body strength and ballistic movement, but incorporate fundamental boxing techniques and muscle memory into your exercise regimen.